Viewpoint Testing

Thanks to my World Socionics Society interviewer, I have had the opportunity to take a variety of tests that he was helping to develop. The results have been interesting. Four of them are presented here.

Type Dimensions

Of course I could not pass up the chance to reassess my MBTI type with a different test! According to this one, which I took twice in October 2020, I am an INFP.

Type Dimensions Oct 3
Type Dimensions Oct 17

Talent Dimensions

Another Viewpoint test I took was “Talent Dimensions.” The results of the test, which I also apparently took twice, are shown below:

Talent Dimensions 1
Talent Dimensions Oct 26

I am not surprised by the high scores in “Organisation” [sic] and “Confidence,” nor by the relatively low score in “Consideration.” The scores in “Industriousness” and “Stability” on the first test were a bit of a disappointment, as was “Creativity” on the second.

Other Dimensions

I had the opportunity to take additional Viewpoint tests. The results of the “Development Dimensions” and “Resilience Dimensions” tests are show below:

Development Dimensions
Resilience Dimensions