Pinpointing My Attitudinal Type

Type Consultation

I determined fairly early on that I was 4F. A bit later, I homed in on 2E. What I could not decide was whether V or L occupied the “Confident Position.” As with my exploration of my type in Socionics, I decided to schedule an online interview with Rob Zeke Collopy. This two-hour type consultation was conducted on December 6, 2020, via Zoom. The session was partly a discussion. The balance involved viewing and reacting to images. Rob identified me as an LEVF.

Questionnaire Analysis

I later submitted answers to a written questionnaire that Rob had constructed. On March 24, I received the report of my results. I am 1L and 2E, accentuated or without subtype. Both my 3V and 4F have a 1 subtype, labeled “Facade” for 3V-1 and “Self-sufficient” for 4F-1. The written report is available here.


I enjoyed my conversation with Rob during the type consultation and, for the most part, in Facebook interactions about Attitudinal Psyche. However, if you are a Christian who approaches life with a biblical worldview, be aware that Rob does not. While he says, “I 100% respect your religious beliefs,” he also makes clear that anyone who approaches an issue like abortion from a biblical point of view is “pretending to channel the word and intention of their God with no doubt or adherence to reason. Keyword: pretending.” When I challenged his use of the word ‘pretense,’ he responded, “Yes, all magical thinking is pretense. It’s the definition of the word itself.” To me, this does not sound “respectful” of my religious beliefs. If you are looking only for typing in this system, Rob is the “go-to” person, but avoid discussions related to God.