Haunted by Carl Jung


I am not exactly sure what prompted the intense revival of my interest in Jung’s personality styles earlier this year. I began to search for online tests and found a number of websites which offered them. The first was the infamous 16Personalities. I was surprised to learn that nearly all of the ones I took typed me as an INFJ (although the preference strengths varied from test to test).

Seeking further information about myself, I also looked for online cognitive function tests on the web. One that I found was the “Jungian Functions Test” at SimilarMinds.com. The results of the test are presented below. Apparently they were so strange that my “type” could not be determined from them. I was not sure what to make of this!

NeExtraverted Intuition50%
NiIntroverted Intuition85%
SeExtraverted Sensing5%
SiIntroverted Sensing50%
TeExtraverted Thinking30%
TiIntroverted Thinking35%
FeExtraverted Feeling55%
FiIntroverted Feeling85%

I found a number of other tests on the SimilarMinds site. One was called a “Jung Word Test,” and its results were consistent with those I got on other sites.

INFJ – “Author.” Strong drive and enjoyment to help others. Complex personality. 1.5% of total population.

~ Jung Word Test

I found a site called Personality Max, which offered testing that provided information not only on my personality type and cognitive functions, but also on my temperament, types of intelligence, learning style, and brain hemisphere preference. The results were quite detailed, as one can see by clicking on the image below.



I finally decided to invest in a retake of the (updated since the 70s) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which indicated that I am an INFJ; and then the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Level II, which labeled me an “Emergent INFJ.” The Level II was interesting because it broke down the dichotomies into components, revealing both typical-of-type and atypical traits. Result summaries are shown below:

MBTI II Overview
MBTI II Interpreter's Summary

I began to find MBTI aficionados on Twitter and Facebook, and followed many of them. One of them even designed a 29-question personality test that I found interesting…and accurate. Take the “Find Your Personality Type” quiz at psychologyjunkie.com.

My search for self-understanding continues.