Enneagram Typing: My Next Stop

Naturally I could not limit myself to the MBTI, Socionics, and Neuro-PQ! Next on my list of typology subjects to explore in greater depth was my enneagram typing.

Trying Typing with Online Tests

Over a few months’ time I took a number of online assessments of my type. There was never a problem identifying my main enneagram type. Without a doubt I am a One. I was almost positive that I was a 1w2. Figuring out the tritype and instinctual variant was a bit more problematic. I wavered between 2w1 and 4w5 for my heart center; and was all over the map on the third element, the head center. In no particular temporal order, tests I took yielded the following results (with correct typing highlighted):

Enneagram Test Results

As can clearly be seen, trying to type oneself with online tests produces results which are neither accurate nor consistent. What to do? I discovered that there are people who do enneagram typing via personal interview.

Trying Typing with Personal Interview


It just so happened that I was already familiar (on Twitter and Facebook) with someone who does enneagram typing. Indeed, I had watched on YouTube as Kat Passionate typed Jack Oliver Aaron of the World Socionics Society. What did I have to lose? My head center preference (5, 6, or 7) was testing all over the place, aside from being consistently among my lowest scores. So, I arranged with Kat for an interview at True Generations.

Early in April 2020 we did the interview through a Facebook Messenger audio call. I really enjoyed speaking with Kat, who is warm and enthusiastic. As an interesting side note, she suffers from fibromyalgia–as I do–and we were able to share some thoughts on that as well as my enneagram tritype. After a lengthy discussion of my attitudes and behavior, we reached a viable conclusion as to my enneagram type: 1w2 2w1 6w5 sx/so.

As a follow-up to the interview, Kat shared a number of resources that helped me understand my type, tritype, and instinctual variant better. I am very glad to have settled on a typing that I feel is accurate for me.